Dr a chiropractic place Stewartville wrist doctorThe Connection; A Chiropractic Place here to talk to you today about upper back pain. We have been successfully treating patients with upper back pain for many years, and have seen first-hand how chiropractic care can help all kinds of conditions with the joints such as the shoulders, the muscles in the neck, shoulders and back, and the spine. Our treatments involve adjustments of the spine, which can correct misalignments and ease or eliminate your pain.

Causes of Upper Back Pain

Some of the causes of upper back pain include poor posture, injury, whiplash, disc disease and degeneration, large breasts, sprains and strains and even heart disease. These can all cause you to experience extreme pain on a regular basis.

Although it is not always as severe as lower back pain, upper back pain is just as common, and millions of Americans live with it every day. Upper back pain is not something that needs to be a permanent condition, nor does it always need to be treated with prescription or over-the-counter medications or surgery. In fact, many of our patients report significantly lower levels of pain, if not complete elimination of pain, after undergoing our treatments.

If you have been living with upper back pain and traditional treatments have not been helping you, we can help. See us,The Connection; A Chiropractic Place, at one of our offices.

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