Dr a chiropractic place Stewartville Chiropractor TMJThe Connection; A Chiropractic Place here to talk to you today about jaw pain. If you are suffering from jaw pain and live in the Stewartville area, instead of dealing with the pain through traditional dentistry, drugs and other therapies, why not see us for an alternate route to healing?

TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint) disorder is a painful condition that affects the jaw and can cause headaches, neck pain, earaches and jaw pain. TMJ does not just cause pain in the jaw. Many of our patients have reported experiencing ear pain, headaches and sore necks as well, all of which are conditions that we are able to treat.

Part of your course of chiropractic treatment will involve the manipulation of the muscles around your jaw, which will improve motion and alleviate your pain caused by TMJ.

Don’t Wait for a Specialist

Anyone who has ever needed to see a specialist for any type of disorder knows just how long it can actually take to get an appointment. If you are living with TMJ, you are no doubt in a lot of pain, and this is just going to get worse (or at the very least, not get any better) while you are waiting to see a specialist.

We have successfully treated patients suffering with TMJ at our offices conveniently. And it won’t take nearly as long to get in to see us as it might to see a specialist. So, why not stop by or call us today at 507-533-8011 to get on the track to healing?

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